Suzuki showed the first photos of the new SUV

Suzuki showed the first photos of the new SUV


On November 25, Suzuki will unveil the new S-Cross, which will be the successor to the SX4 crossover. There is no technical information about the new product yet, but there are quite informative teaser images.

Suzuki SX4 appeared in 2006, and in 2013 received the second generation, which is being produced to this day (since 2016 – in a restyled version). Judging by the first official teaser images and unofficial photos of “live” cars on auto transporters, the new S-Cross crossover will be very different from its predecessor in design: fundamentally new LED headlights, a steeper slope of the window sill line, developed wheel arches and a different shape of the rear windows. With the general continuity of the body proportions and the shape of the doorways, the car looks longer in profile.

The current Suzuki SX4 for European markets is produced in Hungary. Probably, the new S-Cross will also be produced there. In a short commentary on the teaser images, the manufacturer specified only that in developing the car, the engineers used half a century of experience in developing SUVs, including all-wheel drive systems.

At the same time, not a word about the engines, although it can be assumed that the new product will inherit from its predecessor a 1.4 Boosterjet (K14D) gasoline turbo engine with a 48-volt starter-generator, which adds 13 hp. and 50 Nm in the hybrid (MHEV) system. On the SX4, this setup works in conjunction with a 6-speed automatic.

We also advise you to watch a detailed review of the Suzuki SX4 from the FineAuto team:

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