Suzuki’s first electric car

Suzuki’s first electric car


President Toshihiro Suzuki at the premiere of the S-Cross SUV confirmed that the first purely electric Suzuki model will enter the market only in 2025. Obviously, the brand relies on Toyota’s support, but it is hardly worth waiting for another clone of the bZ4X SUV, which has become the Subaru Solterra. Earlier, the Japanese media reported: the electric car will debut in India, as it is being developed by the company Maruti Suzuki. Allegedly, engineers are designing a compact, which after subsidies will cost about 1.5 million yen ($ 13,300).

The “green” concept of Futuro-e (2020) foreshadowed not an electric car, but another hybrid that Suzuki has been doing since 2015. According to Indian media, the Wagon R key car claims the title of EV-firstborn.

The e-Survivor prototype (2017) raised hopes that Suzuki’s electric vehicle will leverage the brand’s expertise in developing SUVs like the Jimny. Now this logical step seems unlikely.

The brand considers the lack of infrastructure for electric cars in India to be the main obstacle, which, by the way, does not prevent other Indian firms Tata Motors and Mahindra, which promise the launch of 6-10 EV models in five years. The upcoming electric car Suzuki is aimed at the markets of Japan and even Europe, where from 2025 the most severe Euro-7 economic norms should earn. The brand found itself in the very tail of electrification, but it can easily learn from other people’s mistakes.

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