System, Volkswagen Car-To-X received the award from the Euro NCAP

System, Volkswagen Car-To-X received the award from the Euro NCAP


Modern active safety system of the Volkswagen was recently awarded the independent European Commission Euro NCAP, dealing with the protection of drivers and passengers.

The new system, Volkswagen Car-to-X is the first automotive technology, earn yourself a reward from Euro NCAP for the last six years, which is pretty amazing. The new complex allows to significantly increase the safety of all drivers on the road.

Technology will soon be installed on all the machines of the German manufacturer of machinery. Now it is available only in modern generations of Volkswagen Golf. Active safety system enables all road users and rescue services and road systems to communicate with each other.

Due to this technology the car is damaged Volkswagen will be able to automatically inform other drivers and emergency services that the machine is broken, she needs help or she is an obstacle to normal movement on the road, so you need to be more careful.


This message is the Volkswagen Car-to-X are divided into two types: normal and critical. If there is no danger, then the system will warn drivers about the danger, but if the situation is a stalemate, then the new technology will be “screaming” about the challenges ahead.

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