Tachyon Speed Shocks Rodeo Drive!

Tachyon Speed Shocks Rodeo Drive!


I took the only Tachyon Speed in the world for a spin along Rodeo Drive to see what kind of reaction this beast would get. See what happened! The RAESR Tachyon Speed stands for Rice Advanced Engineering Systems and Research, with 1500HP manufactured in California which is fully street legal!Review of Tachyon Speed – Special thanks for the drone video to @Ewalt_FPVFollow me on:Music by:Astral Projection – Elevated MindBlood Orange – Sunset Exotic

I am here again with the most incredible car look at it this is the Tachyon razor and I’m about to take this baby down Rodeo Drive in LA like one of the busiest tourist spots in Los Angeles I’m here with the founder Eric and so if you guys haven’t seen our previous video go check it out the links in the description underneath this video where we were just chatting about like how you came to develop your own hyper car which is crazy so go check out that video and get like the background to this car because today it’s going to be just about like surprising tourists with one of the craziest looking cars in the world and they 100% have not seen this car before there’s only one it is a spaceship on the street it yeah it will definitely raise some eyebrows yes so we’re gonna take it just around so we’ve just hidden it like in this leafy area just around the corner from Rottier Drive Rodeo Drive is literally there isn’t it you go one Street over and I’m a bit nervous because the idea is that I am literally taking out this incredible car shopping like who would like you wouldn’t but I do so yeah plenty of luggage space at the back seat we do the back we do have a little boot all right so if I get too much shopping we’re just chuck it in the backseat so this car is actually a double seater here is where the driver sits right in the middle of the car and then behind here look if you could peek in through this window there’s actually a second seat the passenger sits behind you and so what happens is this whole canopy at the back opens separately so you’ve got these first canopy that opens and then this one the passage goes double clamshell double clamshell will be about like is it what’s in here trying to fit my handbag okay we’ve worked out a space for the bag crisis averted I can bring my handbag with me shopping on Rodeo Drive yeah thanks to me okay oh it’s these little practicalities you know and what about a cup holder so if I get a coffee where’s my etiquette holder underneath this where we could switch sides with this and then they could throw the cup there’s a couple carbon fiber couples go die everything okay so for me this is kind of like a kind of a nerve-wracking experience because we retain your drivers stupid busy and just like trying to find a park in any car is a nightmare trying to find a park in the Batmobile almost impossible good things everybody will see you everyone they’ll move out of my way yep there’s electric so they won’t hear you but they will see you yeah so it is yeah so it’s fully electric you guys the like standard power that you would get from one of these is 1500 horsepower and then depending how much more you want these guys can work it out for and just keep going up and up and up and up from that level right depending on what they’re painting on we wanted to go sure how many dollars you gonna splash yeah you could put a lien on top of the seat it’s a good spot yeah like yeah that’s me and then I would try to get that knee on the other side of the screen whereas you I’d be doing gymnastics seated summer TV thank you thank you God that is the hey expert wait oh it’s like cozy okay and then this puppy you reach through here here giving me a hug this girl okay yeah and then we got to touch the wheel right because you can’t get in and out of the car with the wheel on it’ll be fine yeah I’d be fine give it good how do you drive this matrix of a vehicle look at all these buttons I can’t remember I drove this car five months ago I’m trying to get refreshed with how this thing all works first we’re gonna raise the road height up for the street yes okay yep it’s raising the front we’re gonna close the canopy I’m just gonna press this button right here oh here we go oh my god this is mad Wow if there’s an ever a moment that you would feel like Batman this is it so you can see really clearly out the back actually that’s really good and then you’ve got the miles per hour over here and you’ve got all the battery charge on this side what have we got 69% okay that’ll do us so with full battery charge it can go about 250 miles with a single charge this is a prototype you guys so there’s only one of these cars in the world it’s taken them years to get to this point to develop this car and they’re going to start producing it now so the orders are literally going in oh I’ve got a walkie-talkie that’s always good okay yeah I’ve been doing it two and a half years I’ve been driving the most incredible cars around the world this is the one that I draw the most Oh Mad Men wherever you go there’s people everywhere crazy I hope you enjoyed the video give us a quick like if you haven’t yet subscribed to my channel do it if that subscribe button is sweet yet to see the craziest cars in the world I say that every time but I don’t disappoint right love you guys so much by the way if you’re thinking to yourself like oh we didn’t get all the technical details on the car like the range and the technology and how it all works please go and check out my other video on this car that I’ve already done I’ve spoken to the owners that link is in the description below this video alright guys love you so much I’m out to fight

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