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Volvo has expanded its lineup a hybrid version of the S60

Executive sedan is now available in a hybrid version with a 385-horsepower engine. Volvo has expanded its line of S60 in the UK, adding a hybrid version with a power of 385 HP and raising prices for the cheaper model. // A competitor to the BMW 3-Series can now be equipped with all-wheel drive system… More

Mercedes-Benz has revealed a hybrid A250e and B250e

The rumors were true – the German automaker finally electrificare some models of its family of compact cars, equipping hybrid drivetrain with plug-in hatchback and sedan A-Class and MPV B-Class. Along with the label “250e” brand “EQ Power”, the trio largely retains the design of models with conventional internal combustion engine, but obviously with an… More

The Infiniti Q60 will get a hybrid version of Project Black S

The modification of the power plant is completed, but the automaker says it will decide whether the car is launched in the coming months. Experts Infiniti in conjunction with the Renault F1 team a few years ago joined forces to develop a “charged” version of the coupe with hybrid technology to increase power and efficiency…. More

Hybrid Toyota RAV4 filmed on the roads of Europe

When you look at these pictures it seems that we have a regular version of the Japanese crossover. But if prismotretsa, you can uvidel disguised the hatch, located on the opposite side from the lid toplessasian neck. Of course, there is a charging port. In addition, the car was assigned to a trailer with a… More