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Became known the price of the new Mercedes AMG A45 and CLA 45

The wait is finally over, and customers can go ahead and buy a new A45 or CLA 45, as Mercedes-AMG launches sales in different markets, including Germany. Prices, as expected, there were many available, but those who can afford to spend a small fortune has already been able to place an order on the A45,… More

Record sales: Volkswagen new Tayron caused a stir in China

The July jump in sales helped this midsize crossover to become the most popular SUV brands in China. According to the press service of Volkswagen, last month, the Chinese dealers sold more than 17 thousand crossovers Volkswagen Tayron, which is the best result since the release of the SUV on the car market of China…. More

What is preferable to choose a car brand from USA

What brand car from the USA to choose? Every motorist will sooner or later think about buying a car. The most fashionable trend in recent years is the bringing cars from the USA. This is due to the high quality vehicles and low pricing. Very often buyers are faced with an important question – what… More