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In the salons of Ducati z was the new 2020 rock Ducati Streetfighter V4

Oftiny mporter Ducati in Ukraine, company AF “Grand Automoto”, structural Ptotal Corporat UkrAVTO, s radostyu powders about the start prodaju in Ukraine dovgotchkun novelties 2020 rock Ducati Streetfighter V4. In on platform Panigale V4, Novi Ducati Streetfighter V4 trimas programlive design, Novotny elektronniy package other pokolinnya, pereroslo fit, characterno swfloader optics that podvin Creel for… More

The adventures of the Italian in China: Benelli TNT600i, he QJ SRK 600
The adventures of the Italian in China: Benelli TNT600i, he QJ SRK 600

New motorcycle Benelli TNT600i released to the market, although so far the novelty is a little different. Chinese manufacturer Zhejiang Qianjiang owns Benelli, has introduced a new QJ SRK 600, which is sold only in China. Abroad, this same bike will be sold as the Benelli TNT600i. 600-I model has undergone some significant changes. First,… More

Advanced mini bike Motors from Voltz
Advanced mini bike Motors from Voltz

Novelty, which should show in August this year, is positioned as a compact electric bike with a large number of technologically advanced systems. Judging by the published picture, the model looks quite aggressive and very similar to the bike Zero SR/F. an Interesting feature of the new motorcycle will be a color LCD screen. So,… More

Soriano Motori has released the first electrocycle Soriano EV Giaguaro

Soriano Motori is an Italian manufacturer of motorcycles. The company released its first electrocycle. The bike has two electric motor, which are mounted in opposed configuration. The official presentation is scheduled for EICMA 2020, but already now know some of the details and even the price. The new product is called Soriano EV Giaguaro. It… More

“Digital guardian angel” for motorcyclists. How does it work?

Bosch has developed a system to Help Connect, dubbed by the developers “digital angel”. In the event of an accident on the road she will promptly give information about the accident to emergency services. Help Connect system consists of an inertial sensor for motorcycle and programmes that biker will have to be installed on your… More

ML 1000 RR Brutale from MV Agusta: this is only me…

Presentation in accordance with the trends of the time was “remotely” – on the company’s page in Facebook. Sverhordinarnogo in this case is not just words, MV Agusta Brutale RR 1000 ML released in a single copy, which is confirmed by the plate number of the motorcycle 001/001. The motorcycle is different from 1000 Brutale… More

Kawasaki will delight off-road enthusiasts

The company showed a restyled Kawasaki bikes from the line of KLX. We are talking about motorcycles KLX140R, KLX 140R L, KLX230R. The first two models are equipped with 144-CC single-cylinder powertrain, 5-speed transmission and electric starter with the possibility of ignition without a key. The main difference between the models R and L is… More

Motorcycle jet fuel marine

Motorcycle, modernized on the basis of the stock of motorcycles Kawasaki KLR650, used in the us military for quite some time. But now, with the modified powerplant, it will become even easier and simpler. Motorcycles can drive like a diesel, and jet fuel. The military version is still denoted M103M1. Redone engine, according to the… More

Nito N4: minimise electrocycle for Super Mario

Nito N4 – concept of a small motorcycle. There is nothing magical or unique. Just attractive vehicle for the city, which extends the model range of the Italian manufacturer. Nito N4 is equipped with a 15-horsepower electric motor, has a cruising range of 150 km, can accelerate to 150 km/h and weighs 175 lbs. In… More

Stylish and affordable: Suzuki introduced the GSX-R125

This bike is equipped with single-cylinder power unit on a 124 CC capacity of 14.8 BHP with motor functioning 6-speed manual transmission. Motorcycle, in particular, received a standard telescopic fork, front and rear disc brakes. In addition, the Suzuki GSX-R125 is equipped with a digital display, which displays all the necessary information, and led equipment…. More