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The bike is Sur-Ron Boom Bee caught during testing
The bike is Sur-Ron Boom Bee caught during testing

Video published tests on a dirt track shows that the Chinese company is working on a new electric Enduro. And recently edition Electrek got the specification of the new item. Sur-Ron first appeared on motorine in the beginning of last year with light electric motorcycle Light Bee/Firefly. It is a powerful and easy bike small… More

Suzuki V-Storm 650XT with travel accessories
Suzuki V-Storm 650XT with travel accessories

It’s not new, so technical change in the bike is not observed. But the expansion made it worth option for tourism. Suzuki V-Storm 650XT Touring 2019, namely the so-called presents motorcycle, characterized by the presence of travel accessories, among which stands out the Central stand of the arc and the side cases. It is expected… More

Australia presented a sportbike with a V8 engine
Australia presented a sportbike with a V8 engine

V8 engines are rarely put on the motorcycles. In most cases, powerful units get the American heavy cruisers. Australian bikers decided to outdo colleagues from the USA and introduced the sportbike PGMV8 with a 2.0-liter “eight”. // The author of the project – the Australian Customizer Paul Maloney (Paul G Maloney). Work began in 2008…. More

Curtiss introduced the new and unusual motorcycle

The American “electric” brand showed the world a serial bike Zeus 8. Nothing like? In fact the Zeus is a concept V8 Hera, shown earlier. The designers and engineers involved its creation so much that they decided not to change anything in his appearance. The main stylistic feature of the Zeus and Hera is the… More

Triumph Street Triple 2020 receives an updated engine

The company this year seems to be working overtime. Just recently during testing on the streets of General use noticed the updated Street Triple. In addition to the fact that earlier we saw test Tiger, Daytona, Rocket 3 and three other models. Notice the motorcycle on the tests is not the first time, but he… More

Prepares forced BMW sportbike S1000RR?

The patent office of Germany was “motorcycle with a supercharged internal combustion engine” – a motorcycle with a supercharged internal combustion engine. It’s not about the model compressor engine as Kawasaki Ninja H2/H2R and not a mysterious new product with a turbocharger and a motorcycle fitted with an electric boost. This technology is already used… More

Royal Enfield Classic 500 dressed in the black livery

The company has quite a rich and interesting history, but the motorcycle still retains the classic luxury. But current trends, it does not ignore, adding to model number version of Stealth Black. Classic 500 combines vintage, post-war industrial design with a reliable engine. On this bike racer feeling the simple pleasure of riding without any… More

New details about the upcoming Ducati

“Street fighter” on the basis of sportbike Panigale V4 revealed some its secrets, but there is still much we do not know! The prototype motorcycle made its debut at the race Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, and the premiere ended in tragedy. However, the show must go on, and in October (maybe sooner) we will… More