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Old Porsche motor for 220 thousand dollars can not find a buyer

At the site Bring a Trailer came the announcement of the sale of the unit is interesting: “oppozitnik” Porsche Type 547/1 Fuhrmann Four-Cam. These motors were installed on the model 356 Speedster Carrera 1500 RS and racing cars of the brand in the middle of the last century. What is on offer there is still… More

Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche will come under the ban in South Korea

The South Korean authorities announced the intention to ban the sale in the domestic market of certain models of Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche in connection with erupted a few years ago the scandal, dubbed the “Deselect”. According to “Prime”, the ban affects only diesel vehicles, and in particular 40 Audi A6 TDI Quattro, Audi A6… More

Porsche Cayenne with 680 HP engine installed fancy speed record

A new modification of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid, which became the most powerful model in its history, set an unusual record. The car drove a lap around the unfinished Ring road in Gotland on the Swedish island of Gotland in 3 minutes and 51 seconds. Crossover was ruled by German racing driver and… More

Electric Porsche Taycan passed 3425 km per day

During an unusual test, the temperature reached 42 degrees Celsius, while the asphalt — to 54°, showing strict requirements to the endurance and reliability of electric fillings. The more that the car was going at high speed. About Porsche models Taycan we know a lot already. Key parameters (more than 600 forces and 500 km… More

Apple Music service will be available in Porsche Taycan

In partnership with the Apple Music service Porsche provides access to streaming music in the first all-electric car Porsche Taycan, the presentation of which is scheduled for September of this year. All registered users of the Apple Music service will be able to manage the application on the touch screen, the main infotainment system of… More

Porsche has revealed a new hybrid modification of the crossover Cayenne

The total capacity of the hybrid power plant will reach 670 horsepower. The start of sales of the 670-horsepower Turbo S E-Hybrid is scheduled for early next year. The German company Porsche has revealed a new hybrid modification of the crossover Cayenne, called E-Hybrid Cayenne Turbo and S E-Hybrid Coupe Cayenne Turbo S. Regardless of… More

Electric Porsche Taycan declassified September 4
Electric Porsche Taycan declassified September 4

Porsche has announced that the electric car Taycan declassify the 4th of September. The presentation of the novelties will be held simultaneously in Canada, Germany and China, and a live broadcast of the ceremony will be broadcast on the website of the German mark. Beginning at 14:00 Kyiv time. Porsche has already hinted at some… More

Porsche announced the amount of pre-orders for the electric car Taycan
Porsche announced the amount of pre-orders for the electric car Taycan

Porsche has released updated information on the pre-orders for the first electric car company, Porsche Taycan. Due to the fact that clients can register their interests, the Porsche has collected almost as many pre-orders as planned to produce electric vehicles. According to Andrea Haffner (Haffner Andreas) on electric Taycan decorated 30,000 pre-orders. It’s at 10,000… More