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Curious limitations: one HUNDRED can not open before 10 a.m.
Curious limitations: one HUNDRED can not open before 10 a.m.

Restrictions associated with quarantine, continue to surprise the Ukrainians. For example, on 22 June, the Ukrainian station must open from 10:00 or later time. This is stated in the decree of Cabinet of Ministers No. 500, in which the changes to quarantine restrictions. The resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 500 extended the quarantine,… More

American bearings PFI – quality for your car

Recently, the demand for bearing products is an American manufacturer of PFI (Perfect Fit Industries, Inc.) among Ukrainian consumers is rapidly increasing. The company develops its network worldwide, and today the bearings PFI in Ukraine you can easily buy it from an official representative of the company “PSV Bearing” for everyone. The PFI catalog a… More

The advantages of repair of turbine on network STO

Feature a factory balanced turbine in that it is prepared to operate for 10 years or more without a break. In a car the turbine has no moving parts. Breakdowns occur solely because of poor filters, untimely replacement of oil (or the use of unsuitable types), low-quality fuel. In such cases, repair of turbines –… More

The return of mandatory inspection: waiting for price drop on the car
The return of mandatory inspection: waiting for price drop on the car

In Ukraine continue to insist on the return of compulsory inspection of vehicles. And it can happen in the next year (previously the return was planned in 2022). As told the TV channel “Ukraine 24” infrastructure Minister Vladislav Crickley, return STK is required for a number of reasons. Among them: THE car is mandatory in… More

Buying auto parts online why is this becoming a trend where more likely to buy

Personal vehicle must be serviced and repaired is worth a lot of money, especially if we are talking about an expensive foreign car. Ukrainian motorists are increasingly buying parts and accesories in online stores. Why not in regular stores? Range richer and pricing policy online site much more accessible. However, there are other reasons, to… More

Autofocus on Barmagic Wixom in the TOP 100 HUNDRED of Ukraine

Zakonchilsa vseukrainska rating-action “Avtoexpert. Krama HUNDRED” in yakomu oftiny KIA dealer “autofocus on Barmagic” Wixom in the TOP 100 HUNDRED of Ukraine for pdsummary 2019 rock. Note, that “Avtoexpert. Krama STO” – vseukrainska rating action, the meta aka : proposed best stations autoservs Ukraine. Competition skladovka have two ATAPI, the way online golosuvannya on Sait… More

Truck repair easier

The failure of the truck can occur unexpectedly and why it is always at the most inopportune moment. Do not worry – our cargo of one HUNDRED in Kiev “Will logistics” will always come to your aid. Should call us at (067) 521 10 50 or (095) 165 21 22 or contact us via Viber… More