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New Toyota Hilux: improvement on all fronts

New do got upgraded to a diesel engine, and modified suspension and a modern appearance. As expected, debuted Toyota Hilux in Thailand – in this country, the company consistently creates a cluster for the production of utilitarian models for the countries of South-East Asia and Australia. Since 2004, Toyota has managed to sell more than… More

The updated Fortuner: as if we went from barbershop

Japanese company Toyota has presented the updated SUV Toyota Fortuner. From the external design of note has seriously changed the front part – the developers have revised the design of the radiator grille, changed bumpers, and also added head optics with led filling. At the side there were practically no changes, but the rear lights… More

New Toyota Hilux: first live photos

The network has published a spy photo restyled pickup Toyota Hilux. Despite the fact that a large part of the car covered with a cover, you can see a slight resemblance with the RAV4 crossover fifth generation. In the presented frame, you can note the big grille from passing along the horizontal lines. A similar… More

Toyota Supra from the United States with a “discount” of 100%

On the online auction website Copart, collaborating with insurance companies, there was an announcement about the sale Toyota Supra. The current bid for the road, which is located in San Jose, California, is zero dollars. However, there is one thing: the car has been in the fire and it was only a charred engine. From… More

Corolla Special Edition: red on black

Spezzare is “speaking” the name of the Special Edition. Its circulation the manufacturer is going to limit at around 1.5 thousand cars. Hatchback Toyota Corolla appeared in a new stylish manner. According to the press service of the North American division of the brand, the company created a limited edition special version of a hatchback… More

“Hot” GR Yaris went on sale

The Japanese company, Toyota began taking orders for new Yaris hatchback GR. Orders will be accepted online in Japan and Europe. On the morning of June 2, a preliminary application was issued more than 6 thousand people. New GR Yaris got three different versions – standard RZ-oriented track racing RC, and RS, which was the… More

Alonso behind the wheel of a new Toyota Hilux (video)

Toyota issued a teaser of the new Hilux, noting that the model is testing a racing driver Fernando Alonso. Judging by the fact that the whole body of the car tightened the masking tape, it can be concluded that the scale of the updates will be great. Through the camouflage we can notice a new… More

The next Prado will turn into a crossover
The next Prado will turn into a crossover

In the network appeared the information about Toyota Land Cruiser Prado the next generation. The new SUV, according to foreign media, there will be in 2022, but without the steel spar frame and a CVT. If the data is correct, the new Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is slightly increased in size: wheelbase stretched to 2800… More

New Toyota Hilux: debut next week
New Toyota Hilux: debut next week

We’ve heard that Toyota has planned, among other innovations this year and even restyled one of their most popular pickups. And now it became known, when it happens: according to some information, the updated Hilux will debut June 4. However, this information is unofficial origin: call date based on its own sources, several specialized online… More

Electric beads Toyota advili a guarantee on their battery?
Electric beads Toyota advili a guarantee on their battery?

In July of last year, Toyota announced an electric version of its own Electric ProAce van, after almost a year the manufacturer on Thursday, may 28, organized the presentation. Electric van will be offered only in certain States of Europe, beginning in the fall of this year. Actually ProAce Electric is a modified copy of… More