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Volkswagen has unveiled its new electric car
Volkswagen has unveiled its new electric car

Volkswagen ID.3, which will present in September, will build on a modular platform MEB designed specifically for vehicles with “green” power plants. The company Volkswagen has confirmed that the premiere of a new electric vehicle called ID.3 will take place at the Frankfurt motor show in September. Global sales of environmentally friendly hatchback will start… More

The new logo Volkswagen will show in Frankfurt

Remade emblem will become part of a massive upgrade of the model range of the brand (and its image). The company Volkswagen has announced that at the IAA in Frankfurt in early September, the world will be able to see the new logo live. Most likely, the first car with a repainted sign will be… More

Volkswagen plans to buy Tesla

CEO of the German company have expressed great interest in buying stake in Tesla, but the word remains with the user. According to a recent report by Automotive News Europe, CEO of Volkswagen Herbert Diss considering acquiring Tesla directly, or at least the acquisition of shares. According to the information received, VW definitely has the… More

Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche will come under the ban in South Korea

The South Korean authorities announced the intention to ban the sale in the domestic market of certain models of Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche in connection with erupted a few years ago the scandal, dubbed the “Deselect”. According to “Prime”, the ban affects only diesel vehicles, and in particular 40 Audi A6 TDI Quattro, Audi A6… More

Dealers of Volkswagen started sales of cheap crossover Jetta VS5

Book new the people of China can today, and here is the first commodity cars will fall into the hands of their owners is only the fifth of September. The company Volkswagen has announced the start of sales of the new budget crossover Jetta VS5. In spring the Jetta is no longer just a sedan… More

Record sales: Volkswagen new Tayron caused a stir in China

The July jump in sales helped this midsize crossover to become the most popular SUV brands in China. According to the press service of Volkswagen, last month, the Chinese dealers sold more than 17 thousand crossovers Volkswagen Tayron, which is the best result since the release of the SUV on the car market of China…. More

Ad for the new VW Golf was banned in the UK because of gender stereotypes

The British Committee of advertising standards (Advertising Standards Authority) has banned a new ad electric vehicle Volkswagen e-Golf. A few days of the broadcast of the video was filed three complaints and the regulator came to the conclusion that advertising can insult women, and its distribution contrary to the new requirements of the media. //… More

Volkswagen is preparing a new CD-cross VW Tacqua

The novelty, which is a turned version of the Volkswagen T-Cross, waiting in the car market of China. Recently VW Tacqua was fully declassified on the website of the Chinese Ministry of industry. The Ministry of industry of China showed official photos of the new compact Volkswagen cross Tacqua, whose appearance in the Chinese market… More

Chris Harris’ (FAST) Car Buying Advice: Series 26
Chris Harris’ (FAST) Car Buying Advice: Series 26

Chris Harris does car buying advice for every budget, in every category, as quickly as possible in the latest episode from Series 26. Find out where to watch the latest series here: Series 26: Chris Harris Drives: Car Walkarounds: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of… More

The art of Woo: test drive of Volkswagen Tiguan Sportline
The art of Woo: test drive of Volkswagen Tiguan Sportline

In 2006, at the time of the first generation, Volkswagen Tiguan, and nothing extraordinary was required. German crossover thanks to its origin, price and quality were much more capable than the notorious reptile. Building purchasers in turn, in a few years, he has taken a share, which is the traditional Boas and is not wanted…. More