Taking a Private Jet to NY for a Lamborghini drive!

Taking a Private Jet to NY for a Lamborghini drive!


Thanks to JetSmarter I’m flying Private Jet from LA to NY, where I’m staying at the Presidential Suite at the Intercontinental NY Barclay. The next day we meet at Manhattan Motors where Lamborghini hooked me up with the new Aventador S!To download the Private Jet app go to:Intercontinental NY Barclay:Lamborghini ManhattanKaran – Follow me on:www.instagram.com/supercarblondiewww.facebook.com/supercarblondiewww.supercarblondie.comMusic by:Move On by Francois FMoments by IksonMemory of Summer by Kodomoi

what’s up guys at supercar Pondy I’m in LA but I’m flying to New York today on a private jet I can’t wait it’s gonna be my second experience but the difference about this one is it’s like a private jet sharing app which I didn’t even know existed until recently so come with me on the ride I’ll head off to New York biggest limo he’s just come with his G Deepika I’ll take us to the airport what an awesome ride thank you so so much headin to the airport and saw guys alright see you there pre-meeting area says he played that gold straining gonna cost rainfall that looks cool you know that’s the pilot crazy Jen what I love about commoners massage a large rug great the flight leaves at 2:00 you get there 15 minutes before they quickly check your bags talking on your own as a family nice thank you so these are the guys here yeah and then you just fly with all your babies right now then use Ostia mates a couple so the thing is is that you don’t actually print out the whole [ __ ] that’s like the whole idea you know it’s jet private jet sharing and you actually book your seats or a nap this is how we voted Razak jets model good father I stood out the changes I’m here with mom he’s one of the people who actually just met on the jet and my grandkids who grew like all these we’re all friends now that’s pretty cool like it’s a nice little community looking to go to Los Angeles to New York on June 1st so here’s Los Angeles to America so you select you agreed first where you want to go and I go to the day here it is that’s the plane that they’re offering to fly there are three seats available so the purchase price is two thousand three hundred and fifteen but you know I have tokens because I’m a member so I click one token I click two token and this is what I paid for the fight right if you charter to hold jack yourself from one trip for one trade they of course around forty Possible’s and on this it’s like to we all upon the members nothing right hold off low and obviously there’s an annual membership fee that yes well there are different membership fees I believe today $12,000 a year well body if you don’t want to fly at that time you know you have the option to start your own shuttle right and allow other members to join you all through junior fly which isn’t actually what we did so we wanted to leave it to because we like we want to sleep and we don’t want to wake up too early we want to get to New York at a decent time so we started our own flight and then you guys all join our fight oh well don’t you want downer you gotta get out of here at the same time so you guys are playing back at each other all right so what are you trying for cuz I know there’s some money on the table oh my god they’re playing for who pays for this air fashion right down there okay all right you want it despite being so he just put the intro legs down as well as the side wall so now we’ve gotta call them dreams well Stark’s only we are arriving in New York after like five hours for the best flights are we Oh Tony you missed it again darling just class you’re receiving us time thank you I appreciate that incidentally behind me this issue like I’m experiencing joy we have arrived intercontinental New York well but it’s so cool that I have a prodigy with yes yes yes this is awesome Wow look at that we were it they’ve got a stamp collection here Wow I swear asinus this five cent stamp you before wow it’s so tasteful elegant you got like light jazz music playing wow we’ve put it around piano oh my god okay okay come on wow wow this is great this is gorgeous no I haven’t played yeah yeah get on with it we’re saying WOW dear supercar blondie it’s a pleasure to welcome you to the Intercontinental New York Barclay we are thrilled to have you here and can’t wait for your experience is that matter yeah well I’m sure those swims look at these paintings as well Casey it’s gotta be Casey neistat’s work oh yeah perfect don’t you feel so powerful right now I mean sitting behind this – yeah to meet up with a group of people we’re going to do supercar alright guys this is a special moment this is the first time we’re going to be driving the Aventador s in this beautiful blue color oh do that again we love it when the lights go on so new experience for me you’re going to learn a little bit about the car and then take a three New York City and the Times Square those of us who remain have driven the Aventador before but haven’t driven the X what’s the difference you had 700 horsepower with the s you get more horsepower at 740 horsepower although driving also four-wheel steering I see here we’ve designed the front end of the vehicle and a little bit more aggressive so now you also get Apple play which is so cool and very very so you just say would actually connect your phone as long as you have Siri enabled you’re all set and they’re ready to have that the car play on the rear of the car as you can see it’s a slightly different from the standard Aventador and they’ve definitely paid homage to the Murcielago which is something I personally you could have the carbon fiber on it so you have a standard would be math like Lugar’s yeah or a transparent on it but you can so eagle mode is something that’s also really cool ago Lisa and Italian moon the Sailfish yeah so these are your self modes so you could adjust the suspension and the steering of the Buick okay to customize to your spell cool so it’s just like a customization kind of tool full carbon fiber interior so right here yeah here also another cool feature with the S is the visibility and light package so you have these illuminated door cells so you didn’t get these in the event oh ha the illumination correct so this is something new that’s what the acids really yes love that all right guys and then I’ll hand you the key mmm this is the moment alright I get the key awesome okay and he said a new adjustable our support right here what just happened they pulled you over no I would stay stage no you never cops are so cool in America you’re like we want to take it photo can you put your lights on it’s like this is where we’re starting our super hot rod everything pull over with the lighter we’re gonna line up here and the photographer is gonna get just all of us driving order like on our way to Times Square and these cars look at his [ __ ] trophy all of these cars are being driven by women this is like a woman’s Lambo Jules is started up in New York you’re crazy why have you done Lambo Jules you know we just got flames at times sweater so make sure you head over to my Facebook and my Instagram page I’m going to post the video there so you can see me ripping it up in the event door and feel the Times Square this car just makes you happy and it makes everyone else happy around it right did you see how many people were smiling today that’s so cool I think when you drive an Aventador and you shift they can be a little bit of a lag for kicks into gear right this is a much quicker when you shift in almost responds like a hurricane I’m really impressed by this it doesn’t feel nearly as like heavy as a traditional Aventador and it also doesn’t feel I’m just going to use a really like professional terminology here jerky this is cool look how the screen changes when you put it in Corsa this is sport now oh yeah that is cool I don’t know say hi to eat you look at this rear camera that is such good quality upgraded huh way upgraded and it makes such a difference that’s it guys that is the end of our drive through New York in this incredible original s big big thanks to Lamborghini big big thanks to Manhattan motorcars and to learn modules for organizing all of this you guys Rock will love you so much

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