Taking A Shower On An Airplane!

Taking A Shower On An Airplane!


I got a surprise upgrade on Emirates flight from Melbourne to Zurich, and these are the 5 crazy things you can only experience in a first class cabin. I couldn’t believe it; my first time flying first class and it also happened to be my birthday!Follow me on:

here we are so you’ve got like a little snack box here thank God I’ll need to do something about my face later on absolutely I’m in Melbourne right now I’m flying open to divine that divine to Zurich they came straight around there and then you get you like two little perfume Eau de Parfum a – oh yeah you must be stinking see stop the camera we only get to travel business mmm-hmm all of us up here we’re gonna livin it up in our future he’s at the bar sipping champagne and our PJs so you’re in suite just so I can look busy oh no I’m totally deserving at least I look very business okay yes a very busy business woman I was just in Australia for the last three weeks and if you haven’t met my crazy family yet let’s go watch the book now this snake is right now more funcly’ needs to do right during training captain very a foreign idea just have the bag up blue engine yes that’s great so I’ve just got extra baggage down there just an extra bag yeah yeah yeah Louie Vuitton thank you newspaper I’m okay actually thank you so much oh you nearly got away that she didn’t see you no yeah you could I know it’s massive that’s crazy all right get back to business fancy just taking you from Melbourne who wants to join me own little bar I’m a drink resolving these M&M haven’t seen these on the fly before red roses wrong a better a better is the deal with our wine and food in first here’s the menu what happens is you can order Alucard so any time you’re hungry can you go through this list of dreams go through and all that when you obtaining time young the rain also seared beef tenderloin seared salmon likewise sandwich I doesn’t know what everything but then I get started so I just don’t do anything so I’ve got a lesson in first you even get a personal Twitter SES and I guess they think as you do know when you and I’ve got my teacher Amazon James finish your shoes that big patience is it your first time yes yes that’s it to me just on table place every time and I was like Ariana condition please the deal of a ministry Peter to this I just got the little spiel on how it all works I’m allowed 20 minutes in the shower room the water is only going to run for five minutes so it’s going to be on a strict timer so you’re going to get everything you want done in five minutes if anything goes wrong like we used to have a personality home you see they actually in the shower the hair bounces and come down from him they gave me I know they’re really sexy here we go here’s the shower I’m gonna make sure that’s closed otherwise it won’t work this the thingamabob tap let’s go to finish my shower but have a time rpm on these tools amassing an externship that’s it I’m ready I’ve had my first ever shower in a plane I was standing there I think are going this is ridiculous this is actually so ridiculous and while you’re showering you can see where you are in the world Richie to buy right I think this is where I am you got back and they’ve got some lovely fresh fruit to prepare for me here before this the bar so you can do whatever you want to eat and get paid like they just do their own things yeah area and like it’s got a rose petals three words but in fact I can do that fine that’s it guys are having really really enjoyed it that has been my first experience of an Everett a380 applying Melvin if it’s room to Zurich hope you liked the video please like it like it like it like it subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already love you guys I wanted to see you on the next video

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