Taking orders for the Ford Bronco 2022 model year will open on October 13

Taking orders for the Ford Bronco 2022 model year will open on October 13


The revived Ford Bronco SUV caused a real sensation in the market this year. The demand for it was so great that the automaker had to curtail taking orders. However, this will change in the near future.

Forum Bronco6G delighted everyone who did not have time to book the new Ford Bronco in the first wave: online orders for the 2022 model year crossover will start next week, October 13. Moreover, together with the SUV of the new model year, the brand will present its extreme modification called the Bronco Raptor.

In parallel with it, two more new versions of the Bronco will appear, only both of them are so far carefully protected from early disclosure. The automaker used the suspension time to address the quality issues of its SUVs.

Recall that buyers of the first Bronco often complained about defects in the hard roof of an SUV. And Ford will also try to deal with supplies in the face of a global shortage of microprocessors. In addition to the revised trim level, the 2022 SUV will receive an expanded color palette for body paint.

This concludes the changes. At the same time, Ford continues to think about whether it is worth offering Bronco to customers in Europe.

In any case, the brand needs to deal with production issues before taking this important step.

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