TATA has introduced India’s two crossovers

TATA has introduced India’s two crossovers


Auto Expo in new Delhi is the place where Tata Motors is not one, but two new models: Sierra EV and HBX Concept.

Let’s start with Sierra EV, the largest car of the Duo. This is a conceptual version of the new SUV, which, as its name implies, is fitted with a fully electric engine. The rookie is on the platform, which also uses a smaller hatchback Altroz.

Nice detail: Tata Sierra with EV pays homage to its first SUV: the Telco. As Telco, Sierra EV — this three-door SUV, at least, except for one sliding door.


Strikingly decorated window panel looks great in a slightly sloping frame Telco, although the glass in Sierra EV completely covers the roof. The vehicle length is 4.15 m, width — 1,82 metres and a wheelbase of 2.45 meters. Specifications on the part of the power plant Tata has not yet disclose.

Last year, Tata showed a concept H2X in Geneva. More ready to run the serial version of this show-car is now presented in new Delhi in the form of HBX Concept. HBX has a length of 3.84 meters, a width of 1.82 m and height 1.63 m. The distance between the front and rear axles is 2.45 meters. The size of the HBX can be compared with the size of Suzuki Swift.

Tata Motors intends to launch the production version within the next two years. However, it is not necessary to wait for the electric version, HBX in any case will have a small gasoline engine as a power source.

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