Tata introduced the electric car with moss at the salon at the motor show in new Delhi

Tata introduced the electric car with moss at the salon at the motor show in new Delhi


Indian company Tata Motors presented at the motor show in new Delhi a prototype of the future serial crossover, called Sierra. The concept of electric propulsion, the unusual configuration of seats and interior trim made of natural materials, including wood and real moss.

The basis of the Tata Sierra EV formed a modular platform Tata ALFA, which is already used for the hatchback Altroz. However, in the case of concept was used a special configuration of this “truck” designed for electric vehicles. Shoukar not only is a harbinger of a future production model, but also dismantles the new design concept of the brand called Impact 2.0. Her characteristic flowing lines, simple forms and attention to detail.

West’s name, inherited the concept from the original Sierra was produced from 1991 to 2000, shoukar has inherited an unusual configuration of seats: the rear seat is installed on the left side of the machine. While the electric car four doors (including the Luggage), one of which is shifted to the side.


The salon is decorated in a minimalist style with emphasis on “closeness to nature”, as evidenced by the extensive use of natural materials. Of modern systems of Sierra EV only got a digital dashboard – Tata explained by the fact that the car calls for a “digital detox” or, in other words, the abandonment of gadgets. Therefore, it is not even a multimedia system.

According to preliminary data, the “trademarks” Tata Sierra will appear by 2023, and the model will get not only electrical modification, but the versions with internal combustion engines.

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