Tata Punch became the safest model

Tata Punch became the safest model


The crash test (video) of the newest hatchback Tata Punch, conducted by Global NCAP, brought the newcomer five stars for adult protection: 16.45 points out of 17 possible. Child Protection is rated four stars (40.89 out of 49), but Punch still performed better than the Mahindra XUV300, which earned the same number of stars but less points (16.42 and 37.44). In total, 45 models of different years have been tested under the Safer Cars for India program (“Safer cars for India”), but Punch has become an absolute leader. Exactly to your start of sales.

In a head-on collision with a deformable barrier at a speed of 64 km / h, the Punch was equipped with two airbags, ABS and Isofix mounts. Both “baby dummies” sat facing back. It lacked ESP, three-point harnesses, side impact head protection and pedestrian care.

Shailesh Chandra (right), head of Tata’s passenger division, said that Punch’s five stars are “pride for the Indian automaker.” He promised to improve security “with every new product.” Technical director Rajendra Petkar (left) said nothing. Probably due to the fact that the Tigor EV sedan earned four stars for the protection of adults and children (12 and 37.24 points).

A five-door with a three-cylinder aspirated 1.2 (86 hp, 113 Nm), five-speed “mechanics”, a five-band “robot” AMT and front-wheel drive is offered to Indians in eight trim levels at prices ranging from 549,000 to 939,000 rupees ($ 7,300- 12,500). There are seven body colors and three packs of options: iRA for 30,000 ($ 400), Rhythm for 35,000 ($ 470) and Dazzle for 45,000 ($ 600). They come in handy as the 7-inch touchscreen included with Rhythm only appears in Accomplished’s fifth performance.

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