Taxi you do: advanced autopilot in the Audi A8 will not have

Taxi you do: advanced autopilot in the Audi A8 will not have


The system of Autonomous movement of the third level, announced for the Audi A8, is unlikely to appear on the flagship sedan of the current generation. Technology due to legal restrictions it is impossible to homologate in any country of the world and against its introduction are corporate lawyers, as in the case of an accident will be found guilty is not the owner of the car, and the manufacturer.

The Traffic Jam Pilot system, corresponding to the third level of autonomy according to the classification SAE would allow Audi A8 to move around in a fully unmanned mode on highways and multi-lane highway, provided that the movement is quite dense, and the average speed does not exceed 60 kilometers per hour. Moreover, in contrast to genoscope Super Cruise, the complex allows Audi to not only remove your hands, but don’t require to constantly watch on the road – if necessary, go back to manual mode the system will inform the driver via an audible signal or slow the car down to a complete stop.

Because of this particular Audi was not able to homologate the Traffic Jam Pilot, because the legislation simply closes such machines out on the regular road.


In addition, a sharp criticism of the system was made by the lawyers of the company: they believe that technology will be used not as intended, and the burden of responsibility in case of accident in any case borne by the manufacturer.

For this reason, from Level 3-the autopilot refused to Volvo – in the company it was considered unsafe and immediately decided to go on to develop more advanced systems.

However, the introduction of Autonomous systems of movement of the third level has already announced Mercedes-Benz and BMW. According to preliminary information, the system will appear on the next S-Class and an electric crossover iNext.

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