Taycan ‘for the poor’: Porsche prepares new electric car

Taycan ‘for the poor’: Porsche prepares new electric car


German automaker Porsche is working on a Tesla Model 3 competitor. According to Autocar, a battery-operated four-door coupe, if approved by the management, will be built together with Audi, and the starting price can start from £ 50,000. For comparison, the Porsche Taycan in Ukraine costs from 94,200 dollars.

The upcoming electric car will share the platform with the green A4 E-Tron (which is also in the works now), and it may also receive some components of the battery-powered Macan, which will only enter the market in 2023. According to rumors, the novelty will be called Cajun – the company registered this name 10 years ago, but has not yet used it anywhere.

If the Porsche Cajun does make its debut, then it will have versions with one motor on the rear axle and more expensive versions with four-wheel drive and a pair of electric motors. The production will be established at a plant in Leipzig next to the electric Macan. The market debut is unlikely to take place before 2025.

As we know, Europe decided to get rid of traditional internal combustion engines: in 10 years, Great Britain, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands will completely abandon gasoline and diesel cars. Then France will join them. However, Porsche does not intend to remove the internal combustion engine in the next decade. In any case, it will be kept for the 911 family.

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