Taycan not a competitor to Model S? As you can see in the Porsche

Taycan not a competitor to Model S? As you can see in the Porsche


Porsche calls his electric car Taycan the first step towards the translation to the electric drive throughout the model line.

Taycan for Porsche next year should be followed by Taycan Cross Turismo, rechargeable version of the Macan SUV and even 718 EV.

Michael Steiner, who heads the study in the company of Porsche, said in an interview that the company does not apply to Tesla as their competitors. Tesla plans to mass production of popular cars, such as Model 3, and Porsche would not compete in this segment.


To verify this, it suffices to compare the prices of the cars. Starting price Taycan in North America is 104 thousands of dollars, and models Turbo and Turbo S are 151 and 180 thousand dollars, respectively. Meanwhile, Tesla estimates the Model 3 to 40 thousand dollars and even the closest competitor Taycan – Model S costs 80 thousand dollars.

From the point of view of technologies of batteries, the company is also moving in different directions. Mileage on full charge most effective Taycan only 320 kilometers, and the Long Range Model S from Tesla is 597 km rides Instead, Porsche promises a small and lightweight battery that can charge faster.

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