Teaching Dad How To Drive A Lamborghini

Teaching Dad How To Drive A Lamborghini


My new custom carbon fibre steering wheel arrived from Compositi in Italy!!My mum and dad are also here in Dubai visiting me from Australia. I’m teaching him first the first time how to drive my Lamborghini Lucy! Check out @compositi.as or for the custom steering wheelThanks to @mercedes for letting me test the new CLS53 AMG.My Crazy Family – Follow me on:Music by:Miss you Now – Kiri TSuperZoom-Dramatic-Spy-Remix

which is except okay I’m ready never you are you scared me there for a bedtime you really took off that’s good huh conv city in Italy has sent this over they’ve completely designed it for me this is from Lucy but I I’m gonna get to drive terrific the new steering wheel for Luci so it’s it’s missing the bit in the middle of course cuz that’s where you’ve got the airbag and everything right okay yeah so you’ve got to take we’ll take the center with the Lamborghini badge from the old steering wheel and put it in this one and it’s basically what we did was get a whole new Lamborghini steering wheel customized for Lucy so all of this carbon fiber here beautiful green carbon fiber and then the matching green stitching we asked them all to do and then of course there’s no top part of the steering wheel either so you can pretty much do anything is that that’s different than all yeah well yeah it’s usually a whole round okay around the steering wheel and so we just said we’ll cut off that bit there and it might give us a little bit more attitude so this is our new steering or that we’re going to get fitted by Cardiff so we’re gonna take it over to cardiac tonight after we go from ever since and get them to fit the new steering wheel now the thing is is that when we were ordering this and they were customizing this for us we didn’t know the end color of Lucy so we didn’t know she’d be blue so we actually asked for green carbon fibre so they’ve done this beautifully for us but what we’re gonna have to do now is see they’ve done this better in blue for us to match Lucy but we’re actually going to have to do now is car dip is going to make this blue so the carbon fiber is now going to be blue but I just wanted to show you what composite you can do in Italy they can completely design new steering wheels for you and match it to the color of your car check them out their links down here in the description and yeah if you ever want customers just hit them up alright should we get out what do you think of this Richard I’m Alex I don’t have this thing here you know I thought extreme is that that works for driving you can’t you can look through it just for looks yeah and you can’t draw it because of bags now yeah you can’t throw over there hands up yeah no that’s great it’s completely impractical but looks great this is going on believable just cuz you’re a giant so here this is going to be a bit of an issue to get you so I think driving and I’m not sure how that’s going to go because you know when you’re all driving and you’ve got your hand up when you’re turning it turning you’re not hearing you don’t want to you if you catch the wheel and there’s no real to just I will later that could be a problem might be an issue so that’s it’s very practical for being practical it’s just laziness when you put your when instead of being a racing seat I know all about that all right Anya’s Toyota Landcruiser you know how you’re in the racing yeah and you don’t move your hands from this you know well my my son your brother asked if I’ve been length the Lambo for the week then watch and I said yeah fat chance ain’t gonna happen because we’re actually leaving to New York in a couple of days and mum and dad is staying behind in Dubai and well who knows I mean we’re gonna lose a key here so all right is this my mother-in-law yep okay just taller than her mooning at life Julie you may know push the stroller supercars blondies crazy family YouTube video go check that out that’s true yeah starved a lady of the house let me see you count oh yeah it’s May that’s all Espie Espie general Mundi it’s pretty cool yes be the label yeah I love it so I’ve got the AMG CLS 5-3 and there it is we’re testing it out at the moment I really quite enjoy it’s not enough power it’s very spacious it’s got the new updated look inside with the long – you know just the one glass panel the whole way across the lighting is amazing dad what was your official review I love the word stuck on the road it sticks to the road mum very safe very safe so they you we’ve got the whole family review of the CLS today and here you go I’m gonna take both cars out and can you jump in and start up because I want to show you the the lights that I think I will make quite a good car review this is the new a MTC of this no get in start the car okay ready for the disco lights there come in GRC wow I never seen that before that’s cool isn’t it and look at all of this interior lighting isn’t that gorgeous pop it in sports so there’s only v6 by still sounds by night yeah the only thing that I’m not mad about with this car is the links it is a very very long car look at this how much it juts out at the back of the car park space but if you have a family I think it’d be a great car to get around in this is lots of space all right well okay you go in the moment yeah oops this one doesn’t go up so it’s easier to get into some road okay the driving saw it colors and the sky take the CMS back camera six well and a half good 77061 186 centimeters 186 still got space so you I’ve got five centimeters space above me when I whip my head look like yeah I’ll catch my head quickly yeah make sure you keep your hand on the back oh here we go here we go that’s very time driving a Lamborghini first time in the driver’s seat so so I’m just gonna teach you where some buttons are so we’re gonna do is we’re gonna keep it in sports for now this it sounds good cool and this is a parking brake basically so just put that one off yep and you just wait did you hear that my the right one is gear change the right pedal left pedal is know so the right one changes upper gear and all that fun changes down on the gear oh yeah yeah so you won’t need to bother with that because we’re in Auto so you don’t need to shift at all so how fast can I go forward and still change into reverse on the go nobody is happy coming her so you need to do a steal it’s pretty easy so it’s holding itself down at first uh you know it’ll go there you go it’s already switched over to second okay so we’ll go out yeah and just slow down for this little ditch here right slowing the flow enough Oh the nice accents right usually we go on an angle over ditches but one will do that next don’t hurt me I would never do it on camera just keep pushing no change yet oh that is so so positive steering and even around work oh that is so easy yes is this the Mafia oh did you hear exhaust which is really except okay I’m ready that’s good but you’re already in fourth gear at sixty kilometers now I used to do better than that you can go back down to go back into second yeah see now you can start to get the bubbling it’s better it’s just so such fun and so smooth yeah right but it drives so well there’s no problem handling at all room yeah it’s just it’s an easy car to drive I thought it would be a complicated yeah yeah so how did you do really well yeah yeah it’s interesting because um when you’re used to driving a car you don’t realise all the little things that you need to take someone like even the indicator is somewhere completely where it wouldn’t usually be on a car here the paddle-shift so it’s the first time he’s ever driven a car with the paddle shift so it’s the left paddle shift he thought was reversed but it’s actually telling ya so as you driving along and they’re all the things you need to be thinking about and so you can’t exactly just take off because you still need to be concentrating on how you actually shift gears I think he’s done awesome oh did you go to go I’m not going in why not way too scary really why don’t know don’t know you can’t drive on the wrong side of the road okay mum’s out okay all right so it’s not the car it’s just the wrong side of that now we’re going to party with Lucy hand in the steering wheel so that they can update the steering wheel in the blue to match the outside so we’re going to go there now and Lucy’s back yeah you like it oh you drive dick I don’t know yet we’re just four than their steering wheel in here this is car did look at all the crazy cars in here that they were working on at the moment and look this is the kind of lengths they go to to get the color just perfect they just completely dismantle the car a little bit door panels completely gone so that they can really get in there and make sure that everything is just perfect this is a appealable paint as well yeah so this is exactly what we’ve got on Lucy so as soon as the owner is sick of this color you just peel the whole paint off and it’s just going to go straight back to its normal color hope you liked the video please give us a quick thumbs up and we’ll see you on the next video somewhere else in the world looking at the craziest super cars and hyper cars for now I’m out love you Richard what what do the followers have to do what is the what’s happened it has all of us what do they have to go they have to subscribe is that right this I don’t like and subscribe yes why we don’t really like and subscribe I change my steering wheel to all very nice because my hands are big yeah right so I wanted something thicker it looks great

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