Teaching my grandma how to drive a Ferrari!!

Teaching my grandma how to drive a Ferrari!!


I’m teaching my Swiss grandma how to rev and drive a Ferrari California T. She’s 89 years old!Check out for this Ferrari California TFollow me on:www.instagram.com/supercarblondiewww.facebook.com/supercarblondie

hey guys a super couple under here I’m in Switzerland and I’m with my or mine or bath my adoptive grandparents actually and we’re about to teach my OMA how to rev a Ferrari look how excited she is now you must perform you know now we’re gonna make a video that shows or mark how old are you first woman I know who puts ten years on her age instead of taking 89 and we’re gonna teach her how to rev a Ferrari yeah so this is for my video of Instagram Facebook this is going to be supercar blondie in 50 years and who’s this guy here filming this is Danny he’s filming a reality TV show here in Bern and it’s gonna go on telly bang okay oh ma ya ready okay we gonna teach you we have to teach you how how to casa la Rev the Ferrari you have the key or I keep the key cool okay yes are you ready okay now the best way to get into a Ferrari is bottom first okay perfect okay now the next step we have to turn on first and then all right so now you put your foot on the brake here meaty meaty with yeah yeah yeah right right this one this one is nowhere near the brain okay come see this come see this I don’t think this is gonna work this is the right foot is on the Left resting pedal okay we need to put this foot on the brake – okay put this foot here in the middle yeah but on the thing yeah from school okay so now now she’s on the break good keep your foot on the brake just that like that you’re perfect perfect perfect perfect yeah Lucas baby yeah this one is the link monitor start button oh you know your butt Steph are no no no no keep your it’s missamma definitely gasps ah that’s it okay so now this foot teach you how to read could it on this one he attacks yo you know you argue no now Peter man me know if you need to more push me okay you’re also mama so how about here taste okay now all right there’s this super yeah yeah but it’s more civilized I think I found my replacement super got one in fifty years oh but now she needs to learn how to drive no she’s leave I don’t think we should teach her how to drive if the brakes were a little bit yeah let’s let’s just leave it like this all right we’re stepping off the notch from revving which is driving yeah it’s dropped Oh mom awesome alright thanks no that’s perfect all right so that’s how you teach your OMA your grandma had a river Ferrari simple right please like and subscribe and we’ll see you on the next video bye bye Omar say like and subscribe us like yeah garden ha like and subscribe I like to surprise like yeah and like subscribe subscribe yeah crying so super gripe yeah yeah insects knowing like and like

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