Techart prepares crazy Porsche 911

Techart prepares crazy Porsche 911


Techart tuning studio specializes in the refinement of Porsche models. One of the most outstanding projects is undoubtedly the GTstreet R based on the 911 Turbo S. And as it turns out now, it will have a successor.

Spies photographed a camouflaged prototype parked on a street in Stuttgart. Camouflage film could not hide the aggressive design of the sports car, which received modified bumpers in a circle and massive air intakes that help the front end at high speeds so that it does not rise.

Also in the pictures you can see other vents on the wide fenders and a new diffuser at the stern with a pair of exhaust pipes with a central location. But the biggest acquisition is the active carbon fiber spoiler. The massive wing will give even more downforce. It should also be noted that the racing wheel set with lightweight aerodynamic carbon fiber rims.

The interior of the test specimen is still intact, but, most likely, the tuner will add the author’s touches to the interior. For example, the previous GTstreet R (video below) received hand-crafted sports seats from the studio and branded details throughout the interior.

According to rumors, the new product will produce 710 hp. and 900 Nm, almost the same was the predecessor. The second stage of boost will increase the power to 800 horsepower. The premiere of the model is expected in the coming weeks.

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