Technical features of the updated Porsche Cayenne Coupe revealed

Technical features of the updated Porsche Cayenne Coupe revealed


Recently, more and more information has appeared that Porsche is about to show the new Cayenne. But it will appear not quite in the form that has already become familiar, but in the coupe body, which, judging by the leaked pictures, is a kind of crossover embodiment of the 911 sports car.

The company’s specialists are currently continuing to work on the car. They optimize and update the interior to match the latest fashion trends, as well as to make the crossover as similar to the 911 as possible, not only externally, but also internally. Obviously, the Cayenne is the same Volkswagen Touareg, but with the Porsche logo (photo: and But despite the similar platform, this is, in fact, a different car.

That is, in the case of a coupe, the car will be a kind of compromise solution between a crossover and a sports car, which it has always been. But with the release of the current generation, this will manifest itself even more due to the maximum similarity. It is possible that experts will install the same engine in it as in the 911. According to already leaked information, it became known that the car will be officially shown next year. The Porsche Cayenne Coupe will get a new shape for the front bumper and headlights, and the LED turn signal will be slightly more attractive than on the current SUV.

The Cayenne Coupe will be fitted with exactly the same digital instrument cluster and touchscreen multimedia screen as in a regular cross-country. Unless the gearshift lever will be borrowed from the 911. No changes are expected under the hood. At least for now. Under the hood there will be the same 2.9-liter turbo engine for 440 horsepower, a similar three-liter for 340 “horses” and a four-liter turbocharged unit for 550 hp. There is only one transmission – an eight-speed automatic.

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