Teenagers stole two Lamborghini Urus and collided with each other

Teenagers stole two Lamborghini Urus and collided with each other


Teenagers kidnapped two of the crossover Lamborghini Urus at the auto show near Boston (USA). Reported by Carscoops, citing local law enforcement agencies. As told in police, the attackers staged a race in stolen cars and as a result, faced each other.

At the moment one of the Teens was arrested. The thief was sent under house arrest. Looking for a second attacker to the police. The police said that the kidnapper had a driver’s license.

Last year in Australia, 14-year-old escaping from a police chase in a stolen Subaru hatchback crashed into a luxury supergroover Lamborghini Urus. This publication reports Perthnow. The incident occurred in Perth, when the police received the message about the theft of the Subaru white. Law enforcement officers quickly found the stolen car, however, when service Toyota HiLux parked behind the patrol car hit a pickup, and then abruptly took off. When the bomber failed to go far: soon he crashed into a yellow Lamborghini Urus.


Crossover Lamborghini Urus is equipped with chetyrehlitrovy twin turbine V8, developing 650 HP and 850 nm of torque. The car is able to accelerate from standstill to 100 km/h in 3.6 s, and its maximum speed is 305 km per hour.

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