Tesla 3-Series spotted in Iceland

Tesla 3-Series spotted in Iceland


In the Network appeared the photo of Tesla Model 3 with the front part of the body-style BMW. Joke electric car, judging by the numbers registered in Iceland, and have dubbed the Tesla 3-Series.

The published, a Twitter user with the nickname Nafnlaus. He claims that the car is real and it often can see the local Tesla owners. Although not specified, true if it’s “nostrils” or only an imitation. But in any case, the electric vehicle looks unusual, and an inexperienced person it is not immediately clear what kind of model.


Sedan Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus Range in Iceland is 5 683 39 335 CZK or $ 500. It is equipped with a battery of 50 kWh and by measuring the WLTP cycle without recharging passing 409 kilometers. Twin-engine Long Range Performance and with a battery capacity of 75 kilowatt-hours can boast a power reserve of more than 500 kilometers, but are 6 and 7 363 035 233 235 ISK respectively (44 200 50 $ 200).

Last year Tesla sold in Europe 111 728 of electric cars. Of these, more than 95 000 had on Model 3. In Iceland, the company is present since September of last year, but the supply of Model 3 began only this year. For the first quarter the country managed to implement the 415 cars.

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