Tesla again accused of racism and homophobia

Tesla again accused of racism and homophobia


Tesla has again been accused of ignoring worker complaints and creating a hostile work environment at its California facilities. This time around, Kylene Barker accused the company of “inciting” racism and ignoring racist and homophobic slurs and physical harm she suffered while working for the company.

25-year-old Barker was hired by a recruitment agency to work at Tesla’s Lathrop, California assembly plant in February 2021, according to Bloomberg. In October, he was fired in retaliation for filing complaints against her superiors and for refusing to sign a “document falsely confessing disobedience.”

In her complaint filed in state court in Alameda County, California, Barker alleges that a white colleague hit her with a hot grinding tool, naming her with the letter “n”. The specialist was fired after he complained to the HR department, but two weeks later was “shockingly” rehired “without any warning or explanation”.

This is just the latest in a string of lawsuits filed against Tesla in recent months. In November and December alone, 8 lawsuits were filed against the automaker by women alleging they were sexually harassed at its California facilities. In all cases, according to the plaintiffs, Tesla failed to prevent and take corrective action when employees filed their complaints with the HR department.

In 2020, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing received 31 complaints of discrimination against Tesla based on race, age, gender expression, disability, and pregnancy.

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