Tesla again recalls several thousand cars

Tesla again recalls several thousand cars


Tesla has announced a recall of approximately 7,600 electric vehicles in the US due to a potential driver airbag failure. It is assumed that in 2021 Model S and Model X cars, the driver’s airbag may break at the moment of a collision, which poses a threat to the life and health of users.

Legal notice of vehicle recalls will be mailed to their owners starting January 7, 2022. It is reported that the malfunction will be diagnosed and fixed by the manufacturer for free.

Note that earlier Volvo faced the problem of faulty airbags. The manufacturer had to recall several hundred thousand old sedans and station wagons because of the pillows, which at the time of the accident could literally explode and cause additional damage to the driver and passengers. Models such as Volvo S60, S80, V70 and XC70 were included in the review.

Recall that in the case of these cars, due to temperature and humidity changes, the so-called inflator breaks down – a device containing a chemical substance that, under the action of a collision sensor, releases a significant amount of gas that inflates an airbag. However, a malfunctioning inflator can literally explode, turning the pillow shell into shrapnel.

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