Tesla-amphibian: could the Model S swim 3 meters deep?


American YouTube blogger Chillin with Chet has prepared a serious test for the most powerful and fastest version of Tesla – Model S with the Plaid prefix. He decided to test if the electric car could cope with a really serious water obstacle: to do this, the Model S was submerged in a pool seven feet deep (about 2.13 meters), which the car had to swim along. However, the experiment did not go quite as planned.

To test Tesla, a blogger and his team dug an artificial reservoir using an excavator. The electric car itself underwent modifications: before diving, the brand new Model S was additionally insulated and weighted down by immersing lead blocks with a total weight of more than 1800 kilograms into it. In addition, the driver was supplied with an oxygen cylinder in case water does penetrate into the passenger compartment.

However, despite the serious weighting, Tesla never sank into the water. The electric car drove into the pool and for some time sailed quite successfully to the opposite bank, without touching the bottom of the wheels, but nevertheless switched off towards the end of the path.

The experimenters foresaw such a development of events and prepared a safety rope, but it could not withstand the mass of the Model S, which was heavier by almost two tons and broke. Fortunately, immediately after that, the 1000-horsepower power plant of the electric car still started working, and Tesla got out of the water on its own.

Probably, the author of the video was inspired by a recent video of a Rivian R1T electric pickup truck, which drove across a pool one meter deep. As for Tesla cars, they more than once overcame real water obstacles during floods better than cars with internal combustion engines, since all electronics are isolated from moisture during production, and the motor does not need air to work.

The ability of electric cars was confirmed by the company itself and its head, Elon Musk, who promised that the “battery” Cybertruck pickup would not only be able to move in the water, but also stay afloat for some time.

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