Tesla and Chinese batteries: why isn’t it bad?

Tesla and Chinese batteries: why isn’t it bad?


The novelty will be a compact crossover or a roomy hatchback. It is expected that China will become the main market for the “two”. In this regard, Ilona Mask’s company entered into an agreement with BYD for the supply of batteries for this model. The Chinese company is expected to supply Tesla’s innovative traction batteries for the Blade family.

The main advantage of the new type of batteries is called safety. Due to the new design of the body, the cells are made in the form of a common array and do not have free space at all inside the battery body. BYD tests have shown high resistance of the battery to mechanical damage. During the tests, nails were driven into the battery, hammered, bent and run over by a car, and exposed to high temperatures. None of this caused the battery to burn.

So it is possible that the new compact Tesla will become one of the safest electric vehicles on the market. Also, one of the reasons why Tesla is not shy about using other people’s batteries is a total shortage. The company is not keeping up with the high demand for its products, and the industry has been seriously shaken by the increased demand for semiconductors.

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