Tesla announced a record profit

Tesla announced a record profit


Tesla had a particularly strong quarter. It is already known that a record number of cars have been sold. Profits now seem to be higher than ever.

Tesla was able to deliver a record number of vehicles in the third quarter of 2021 – 241,300 units. If this is not a reason to celebrate, then it probably will be a reason now. Tesla recorded the highest quarterly profit in the books at almost 1.4 billion euros. The turnover was about 11.9 billion euros.

For comparison, Tesla started 2021 with a quarterly profit of over 376 million euros, and in the second quarter it grew to just over $ 1 billion, or 980 million euros. Some of the profits also come from the sale of emissions credits, according to Automotive News. According to media reports, Tesla earned a little less than 240 million euros from this.

Tesla is now resting on its laurels. The company says it wants to achieve 50 percent sales growth in the coming years, although there is no tight deadline for achieving that goal yet. “It depends on our production capacity, efficiency, stability and supply capacity.” In terms of production capacity, a lot depends, among other things, on the commissioning of a new plant near Berlin. Tesla says it is still looking to start production of the Model Y in Europe before the end of the year.

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