Tesla as a donor ventilators of electric vehicles. Video

Tesla as a donor ventilators of electric vehicles. Video


Engineers Inc Tesla demonstrated a prototype of a ventilator on Sunday (05 APR) evening in a video posted on Apple’s YouTube channel. Like many automakers, Tesla is contributing to the fight against the pandemic, because hospitals across the country, overloaded with patients with coronavirus, face a shortage of devices.

According to one of the engineers, the design of the devices largely consist of car parts, Tesla, allowing the company to reallocate existing stocks and to quickly produce the device.

From this point, in the video demonstrate the functionality of each part of the prototype of the ventilator. From this point, show how it is “packaged” for use in hospitals. Also in this part of the company’s engineers demonstrated that both a touchscreen display that displays graphs of pressure and air volume, and the hardware that processes information, are components that Tesla Model 3.

The video came two weeks after the statements of Elon musk that Tesla plans to re-open its plant in new York for the production of the ventilator.


The timing of production in the video were not specified.

“We have a lot of work, – said one of the engineers, but we work hard”.

Governments around the world appealed to automakers and aerospace companies to help to purchase or manufacture the ventilators and other medical equipment in a growing number of people infected with coronavirus.

Across the planet infected more than a million people; about 65,000 of them survived. In the United States recorded the highest number of cases: index exceeds 300 000.

Also suggest you to see a detailed test drive of the Tesla Model 3 from a team InfoCar.ua:

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