Tesla Autopilot for just $100

Tesla Autopilot for just $100


This promise was made by the founder and head of Tesla, Elon Musk. The cost of monthly access to the new technology has not yet been officially announced, although auto experts have their own assumptions.

A full set of electronic assistants from the FSD complex costs 10 thousand dollars. This package is activated once and for all time, while from the 2nd quarter access to advanced technologies will be available through a subscription with a monthly fee.

Such access to the service was requested by those clients of the company who would like to test the proprietary “autopilot”, as well as those who leased electric cars. They started talking about the subscription last year, but access to it for Tesla customers has not been opened yet.

In the new year, everything has changed: on Twitter, Elon Musk reassured customers, saying that the subscription will work in the second quarter – and this is the deadline. At the same time, Musk recalled that buying a full package will be more profitable than a monthly fee for it. Electric cars with FSD can automatically change the occupied lane, park themselves, cross intersections themselves, etc.

There is no information about tariffs yet. Experts estimate that such an autopilot will cost $ 100 a month.

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