Tesla beckons with free autopilot

Tesla beckons with free autopilot


The $ 10,000 system will be available for three months

As we recently wrote, the company Tesla aims to end the year with a record result of 500 thousand electric vehicles sold. However, it turned out that a significant group of buyers prefer to take cars not in the last days of December, but in January. Apparently, this is due to financial considerations and the expectation of receiving annual bonuses.

As the publication writes Electrek.co Tesla authorized its sellers to offer such customers the right to use autopilot for free for three months, provided that the car is paid for in December. This bonus comes in addition to the existing program of free charging at branded stations for several months.

Technically, autopilots are now equipped with all “Tesla”, but this function must be activated. As autopilot software is constantly being improved and updated on older machines over the air, the cost of autopilot is steadily increasing. Now for the activation of this option, 10 thousand dollars are being asked at a time, but Elon Musk has already stated that by the time the autopilot can completely replace a person in all situations, its cost will be 100 thousand.

In order to sell 500 thousand cars in 2020, Tesla must deliver 181 thousand cars this quarter, which is 40 thousand more than in the previous three months.

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