Tesla caught lying

Tesla caught lying


The Fair Trade Commission, South Korea’s top antitrust agency, has launched an investigation into Tesla. The American automaker is suspected of deliberately overestimating the range on a single battery charge.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine Auto with reference to Reuters.

Among such models, in particular, is the state employee Tesla Model 3. The official website of the company states that this electric car is capable of driving 528 kilometers on a single battery charge. At the same time, it is not indicated anywhere that at an ambient temperature below zero degrees, the power reserve is significantly reduced.

According to the analytical agency Consumer Reports, freezing weather can reduce the nominal range of an electric vehicle by 20%. In this regard, Tesla is accused of violating the Fair Labeling and Advertising Act.

In the near future, the South Korean antimonopoly service intends to meet with representatives of Tesla to determine the size of possible sanctions. Separately, the issue of imposing fines on Tesla for not returning deposits to customers after canceling an online order is being considered. In South Korea, Tesla requires buyers to pay a deposit of 100,000 won ($84) when buying an electric car online.

The world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles has not yet commented on the claims.

Recall that Tesla excluded one of the steering components due to a shortage of microelectronics. Moreover, she did not officially inform anyone about this.

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