Tesla closes its European plant

Tesla closes its European plant


Tesla closes its first European plant. This is reported by the local portal NU.

This small plant is considered the first in Europe to start assembling Tesla electric cars – they have been doing it there since 2015, when Elon Musk himself attended the opening. This is not a full-cycle plant, but rather a car assembly plant, which has its own research center and testing ground. Tesla is reported to have no need for a factory “very soon”.

Model S and Model X were assembled in Tilburg, which were brought from the USA. In Holland, they were brought in line with European standards, for example, they were supplied with the necessary lighting equipment. Now, after improvements by Tesla, it is no longer needed in an additional assembly.

Restyled Model S and Model X are expected to be delivered to Holland in November, which means that the plant should shut down before that time.

The company employs about 500 people, and only a fifth of them are directly involved in the assembly of electric vehicles. Tesla says they will try to find other jobs for these people, although there is no talk of a complete closure of the enterprise in any case – perhaps it will be redesigned to produce some other product. It is likely to be converted for research.

However, the same Tesla has a plant in the Dutch province of Brabant. There, in particular, there is a workshop in which cars are painted, as well as a warehouse and a so-called restoration center, where old and used parts are restored to the state of new. Tesla has a total of 11 factories in the Netherlands.

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