Tesla Cyberquad: new electric ATV

Tesla Cyberquad: new electric ATV


American Tesla has registered the Cyberquad name for a promising electric ATV. The electrek.co portal indicates that the project is quite alive, although it is unclear at what stage it is now.

The last time Cyberquad was spotted was during the presentation of the Cybertruck pickup, when the ATV drove onto the platform of the car in order to demonstrate its carrying capacity. From the outset, the prospects for this strange product were not entirely clear. However, Elon Musk promised that Cyberquad will definitely appear on sale for those who purchase the Cybertruck electric pickup.

Since that time, no more information has been received about the ATV. Nevertheless, he was often recalled at various events. But now there is real evidence that Cyberquad is still being prepared for production, since a trademark application has appeared in the patent database. Moreover, the patent indicates the use of symbols on clothing, since the name of the ATV itself was registered back in 2019. It would be very strange to legally protect the use of a brand on clothing without making the vehicle itself.

However, we must not forget that Tesla is now having a very difficult time – the production runs cannot meet the ever-growing demand, and the development of promising models is delayed, so we are unlikely to be mistaken if we assume that Cyberquad will appear still very not soon.

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