Tesla Cybertruck gathered over half a million pre-orders

Tesla Cybertruck gathered over half a million pre-orders


On the forum “Club owners Cybertruck” appeared unofficial information about the number of collected pre-orders for the model more than 522 000. It is argued that these data are based on the “tracking table reservation Cybertruck Tesla, which indicates the actual number of orders”. In most companies, this information is not commented.

Figure 522 000 looks realistic for several reasons. First, in November 2019, in the first month of taking orders, Elon Musk announced 250 000 collected bids to purchase electric pickup. Second, at the end of last year Musk said that demand for the model is “much higher than we can produce for three to four years”. But despite this, the data collected about 522 000 pre-orders can not be called official, since Tesla has never published the booking number Cybertruck.

The forum really is a table containing information about pre-orders: it indicates the state from which came the request date, order number, and also the modification of pick-up. The table shows that the greatest number of customers chose the two-engine version, slightly fewer orders accounted for Cybertruck with three engines.


This corresponds to the Tesla report, published in November. Then it was reported that the version with one motor ordered 17 percent of clients with two or 42 per cent, and with three to 41 percent.

In order to apply for the purchase of new items, you must pay $ 100. Only for the model there are three options of installations. Base with one motor on the rear axle is from 39,9 thousand dollars, a twin-engine version (one motor on the front and rear axle) – 49,9 thousand dollars, and three-engine (one on the front axle, two on rear) – 69,9 thousands of dollars.

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