Tesla Cybertruck in Europe are not subject to certification

Tesla Cybertruck in Europe are not subject to certification


The representative of the independent certification organization SGS-TUV Saar GmbH Stefan teller believes that in its current form, Tesla Cybertruck can’t get permission to travel on European roads. It will fail the tests for passive safety and are dangerous not only for pedestrians, but also passengers.

Teller focuses on the difference between the safety requirements in the United States and Europe in the New world the producers have the possibility to certify a model as a road, as, for example, in Germany it is necessary to involve public authorities and independent experts like SGS, TUV. The main problem of Cyberace – rigid outer panels. Since they are made of stainless steel, in which it is impossible to lay the deformation in a collision with a pedestrian.


And hence the second problem: the forces acting on passengers during a crash, because of the impossibility of deformation to be so large that they become useless even arbage. The teller is of the opinion that the basic concept of Cybertrek does not comply with European safety philosophy and the truck may travel on the road only after the manufacturer “quite seriously change its structure”.

Earlier in the Network appeared the video with Elon Musk, riding on Cybertruck in Malibu, California. The truck was different from what Tesla showed at the presentation: the road machine was a kind of headlights instead of a solid led strip.

And you already made a pre-order for pickup Cybertruck?

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