Tesla Cybertruck – the best pickup EVER?

Tesla Cybertruck – the best pickup EVER?


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed new details about the Cybertruck electric pickup truck, which is delayed on its way to the assembly line. According to him, the company decided to change the engine range of the yet unreleased model: the top-end version will be a version with four, not three engines, and it will be its assembly that will be launched first. They are thinking of eliminating the initial single-engine modification altogether: in this case, the novelty will be sold with two, three and four engines.

In addition, Musk announced several features for Cybertruck that were not mentioned earlier. For example, the electric truck is promised a fully steerable chassis with “ultra-fast torque control for each wheel.”

In response, Twitter users asked if the Cybertruck could ride diagonally. Musk said that thanks to the fully controlled chassis, the electric car will not only be able to turn on the spot like a tank, but also ride like a crab. This ability, called “crab mode,” is available to Tesla’s rival, the Hummer.

Musk promised that all customers who left applications for the purchase of Cybertruck – and there were almost 1.3 million of them in two years – will be able to pay extra to get a four-engine version. Experts estimate that 7.2 percent of bookings chose the single-engine version: if it is excluded from the lineup, they will have to pay extra for the version with two engines.

According to the latest data, production of the Tesla Cybertruck will start at the end of 2022, and mass assembly will begin no earlier than 2023.

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