Tesla Cybertruck turned into a house on wheels


The Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup, unveiled back in 2019, still hasn’t hit the assembly line. According to the latest data, mass assembly will start only in 2023: the shortage of electronic components, which has a colossal impact on the auto industry, prevents the start of production earlier. Meanwhile, various firms around the world continue to produce replica pickup trucks and various accessories, including full-fledged living units. Another add-on was shown by FORM: it is suitable not only for Cybertruck, but it was his firm that chose to demonstrate its capabilities.

According to the creators themselves, the residential module can turn a pickup into a mini-mobile home with solar panels, and it is suitable not only for the Cybertruck, but also for the Ford F-150, Silverado and other popular pickups.

Its main feature is that it is foldable: when folded, the module fits in the back of a truck, and when unfolded it turns into a full-fledged living space with an area of ​​6.6 square meters. Inside there is a sleeping area, a small kitchen with a stove, a shower and a toilet, and plenty of storage space.

On the roof, FORM engineers placed a 400-watt solar array, the energy from which can be used both to power the electronics in the camper and to charge the electric truck itself.

The company has already started accepting pre-orders for a foldable superstructure, which has a chance to see the light of day before Tesla Cybertruck: FORM promises to start production at the end of 2022, and the first batch will be limited to 500 copies. The pre-order price starts at $ 49,500 and rises to $ 69,500 later.

Stream It presented an even more compact unit for Cybertruck in April. A mini-house called CyberLandr is folded like a folding cup, and all the basic amenities fit inside. By the end of April, Stream It managed to collect 1,100 bookings totaling about $ 50 million.

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