Tesla delivered an ultimatum to customers

Tesla delivered an ultimatum to customers


Tesla began sending messages to customers who are delaying the purchase of a previously ordered car. They contain an ultimatum: if the cars are not redeemed within a certain period of time, the order will be canceled, which means that they will have to re-order the electric cars at a higher price, Electrek reports. Thus, Tesla decided to fight the emerging trend of deliberately postponing the purchase for the sake of tax breaks.

According to an Electrek source, there may be several thousand customers in the United States delaying the purchase of electric cars for six months or more. For each of them, Tesla determines its own time frame in which they will have to make a decision, otherwise the order will be canceled

Many US buyers cannot afford to buy an electric car with the available funds and get a loan. Therefore, they postpone deliveries, hoping to accumulate the required amount. Tesla has previously lent their vehicles to other customers, keeping the orders placed.

However, more and more often, Americans began to deliberately delay the ransom in order to receive the tax breaks promised by the government in 2022, which will help them significantly save money. Now they will have to either buy the cars on time, or reorder them at a significantly higher price.

An unusual situation has developed with Tesla in the US secondary market: sometimes Americans pay more for used Model 3s than for new ones. There are several reasons for this: electric cars are in high demand, and a new car is difficult to buy due to a decrease in production amid a shortage of chips. Finally, the increased interest in “secondary housing” is explained by the peculiarities of tax legislation.

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