Tesla dipped their electric cars in a puddle for security check

Tesla dipped their electric cars in a puddle for security check


In the Internet appeared the video with the testing of new electric cars American company of the resistance to water. To do this, the car drove through a deep puddle up to the middle of the wheels. The tests were conducted at the plant Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai.

In the Network periodically there are misconceptions about resistance electric water. Everyone is afraid of the combination of electricity and moisture. And powerful the battery is in the bottom of the car. But in the Internet appeared fresh in-house testing of Tesla, who checked the reliability of their cars in deep puddles. The video was filmed on new Chinese gigaparts in Shanghai, where there is the production of new cars.


It is also worth noting that the company and the enthusiasts are constantly trying to dispel the myths about electric cars. Earlier, several companies, including Jaguar and Ford conducted a similar public tests. In addition, the Network can find a few videos with overcome the deep fords, and even swims in ponds Tesla.

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All electrical connections are sealed and protected from moisture, dust and mechanical damage. In addition, electric cars are equipped with automatic safety systems that disable the battery power in critical situations.

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