Tesla electric cars can now be used as megaphones

Tesla electric cars can now be used as megaphones


Tesla has traditionally refreshed electric cars for the holidays with a major software update called holiday update. In addition to the built-in TikTok application, changes in the interface and other entertaining “chips”, along with it, an unusual Megaphone function has appeared. As the name implies, with its help, electric cars can be used as megaphones: Tesla will loudly broadcast everything said in the cabin.

Megaphone is only available for new Tesla models released in 2019 or later. This is because the company began equipping electric vehicles with an external speaker two years ago to provide audible warnings to pedestrians at low speeds.

Previously, the speaker learned to scare off car thieves with Bach’s toccata and fugue in D minor (including metal processing), and with last year’s festive software update Tesla introduced the Boombox function, which allows you to play pre-recorded sounds through the speaker.

Now, the capabilities of the device have expanded again: as the head of Tesla, Elon Musk, promised back in 2020, electric cars can now communicate with others – though not yet, but with the help of the people in the cabin. Judging by the video in which the Tesla owner demonstrates the operation of the new “megaphone”, the system slightly changes the sound of the voice, imposing an effect.

Previously, Tesla added the ability to play video games on the tablet of the multimedia system. There are several games to choose from: solitaire card game, fighter simulator and military strategy. The function quickly attracted the attention of the authorities, since the system allows the driver to play while driving – no protection against this, other than a warning, is provided. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is currently conducting an audit that covers 580,000 electric vehicles.

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