Tesla electric cars staged a Christmas show (video)

Tesla electric cars staged a Christmas show (video)


Tesla demonstrated the capabilities of the new Light Show feature using the famous Christmas composition Carol of the bells, which is an adaptation of the Ukrainian Shchedryk, processed by Nikolai Leontovich.

The Light Show feature appeared in the next software update (V11.0) for Tesla Model S and Model X electric vehicles from 2021 model year, as well as any Model 3 and Model Y. The headlights and running lights of electric vehicles flash in time to the music, especially It turns out “incendiary” if several machines are involved in the view.

A light show can be created on a computer using the free and open source xLights software. The algorithm is saved to a USB flash drive and then loaded into the car.

Another interesting innovation of the 11th version of the firmware is the ability to use an external speaker of an electric vehicle as a loudspeaker. The function is called Boombox Megaphone – when it is activated, everything that is said in the cabin begins to be broadcast outside. For example, without leaving the car, you can explain to the driver of another car that he is in something wrong.

Boombox Megaphone is powered by Teslas released after 2019. These cars are equipped with additional speakers that create a special sound when driving at low speeds. This is done on purpose so that electric cars are not silent for pedestrians.

Among other “updates”: an updated navigator application, an expanded list of games for central displays, the ability to launch the TikTok application, expanding the functionality of climate control and heated seats, improving the “autopilot” and the use of side cameras to monitor blind spots when maneuvering on road.

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