Tesla for $25,000: when to wait?

Tesla for $25,000: when to wait?


According to a Moneyball report released through Tesla Facts and Teslarati, Tesla’s long-awaited $ 25,000 compact electric car may launch much earlier than expected.

It is noted that the novelty, the production of which will be established at the brand’s enterprise in Shanghai, will primarily be focused on the Chinese market. A new electric car may be launched on the Assembly line as early as next year. According to available information, the model will be built on the Model 3 platform, and it will receive a price tag from 160,000 to 200,000 yuan (approximately $ 25,000 to $ 30,000).

As follows from the published report, the release of the new Tesla model was approved in China in September 2020, in turn, the completion of work on checking the final product is scheduled for March 2021.

It is worth saying that at present there are no details about the upcoming novelty of the American company, but it can already be assumed that the appearance of an affordable electric car will contribute to increasing sales of Tesla in China. Moreover, such an electric car would enjoy great popularity not only in China, but also in Europe and the United States.

Recall that the company Tesla was founded in July 2003. It is named after the famous electrical engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla. Note that the Tesla factory in Shanghai, which was opened in January 2020, is the first automobile enterprise of the Corporation outside the United States.

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