Tesla forever: the company Mask will release “eternal” battery!

Tesla forever: the company Mask will release “eternal” battery!


Recently it was noted that Tesla, along with CATL constructs a car battery, which is designed for 1 million miles (1.6 million km).

At that time it was said that similar panels will be equipped with Model 3 for the Chinese market at the end of this year or early next year. But on Monday, June 8, in the CATL has announced that it has completed the creation of such batteries and can already start to mass-produce.


Moreover, the claimed mileage of the battery even more – 2 million km (1.24 million miles). Service life – 16 years. For the sake of comparison, the current generation of batteries have a warranty of 150 thousand miles or 8 years.

Given the current realities, 2 million km is much more than passing a car. Hence, for those who purchase new electric cars, their batteries will be conditionally “infinite”.

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