Tesla had a fight with security experts

Tesla had a fight with security experts

The national administration of safety of traffic of the USA (NHTSA) has sharply criticized the is Tesla stating that Model 3 – “the safest car among all vehicles tested by NHTSA”. The Agency demanded that the company stop position the electric vehicle in this way.


The fact that in 2018, experts from the NHTSA subjected the Tesla Model 3 series crash tests, the results of which the model scored five stars out of five. The automaker loosely interpreted assessment, and used his version to promote the electric car on the market. In particular, the statement Tesla model is positioned as a machine “with the lowest likelihood of injury during an accident”.

In the NHTSA said that “do not share the indicators of security outside the five star rating”, that is not highlight the best cars among those that have earned the results of crash tests the maximum number of stars. Tesla’s lawyers, in turn, disagreed with the claim of experts on safety and stated that the approval is in the machine “introduces buyer in error.”

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This is not the first conflict of Tesla and NHTSA. So, in 2013, the Tesla Model S has received all five stars, and simulate the compression of the roof of the electric car managed to damage the equipment in the test laboratory. However, in a press release Tesla claimed that the machine has earned 5.4 stars – this figure is borrowed from the total safety of the vehicle.

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