Tesla has conducted a remote recall of 285,000 electric cars

Tesla has conducted a remote recall of 285,000 electric cars


The Institute of Highway Safety of China has identified a new problem for Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3: on some electric cars, cruise control spontaneously turns on and they begin to pick up speed without driver intervention. After this statement, Tesla announced the recall of 285,000 electric cars in the country, and not only those produced at the Shanghai plant, but also imported ones, Bloomberg said. However, owners of vehicles affected by the recall will not have to visit the service center – to fix the defect, it is enough to download a new version of the software with the fixed bug.

Tesla issued a statement and asked customers for forgiveness “for the inconvenience.” “We continue to improve the safety of our electric vehicles in strict accordance with legal requirements,” – said a spokesman for the American automaker. He did not specify whether the company is aware of accidents that could have occurred due to an error in the operation of the cruise control.

The Institute of Road Safety of China, in turn, clarifies that electric cars sold in the country between December 2019 and June 2021 are subject to the problem. We are talking about 249.8 thousand copies of Model 3 and Model Y, produced at the Shanghai Tesla plant, as well as 35.6 thousand imported cars.

This is not the first review for Tesla in 2021. So, in February, it turned out that on 158 thousand Model S and Model X electric cars sold in the United States from 2012 to 2018, the screen may suddenly turn off.

In early June, another six thousand Model 3s of 2019-2021 and Model Ys of 2020 and 2021 were recalled due to suspicions of a massive defect in the fastening of the brake calipers.

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